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Steps to getting your first license Teens 16–17 years old. Under 18? Get your first driver license and find out what rules apply to you. 18 years old and over

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An Alabama teen mowing lawns to save money over the summer received her first lesson in business when officials determined she needs a $110 business license to

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Should teens who make money by mowing lawns be required to have a business license? Should teens who make money by mowing lawns be required to have a A debate has

Nearly 82 percent of teens with autism who obtained a learner’s permit received their intermediate license within one year. For teens without autism, the rate was

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Information on Operator Licensing, Permitting and Training

Driving is a Privilege — Don’t Lose It. Parents can rescind driver license. The parent or guardian who signs the Parental Consent Form can rescind responsibility

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Teen Driver Resources. Get more info on the basics of driving and what it takes to get your first driver’s license. Teens can also find sample test questions for

An Alabama town is requiring teenagers who mow lawns to make some extra money this summer to obtain a business license.

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Provisional Licenses (for Ages 16-18) You have just turned 16! You have had your learner’s permit for 6 months and have a good driving record. Now you may apply for a

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